Mighty Blackpool

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The history of the club stretches back to 1923, when it was founded under the name Socro United.United changed their name to Mighty Blackpool in 1954 to show their admiration for the former Blackpool and England player Sir Stanley Matthews.Sir Stanley Matthews turned in one of the great performances of the FA Cup in the 1953 final.How well known Matthews and Blackpool were in Sierra Leone in the early 1950s is unclear, however the 1953 FA Cup Final is arguably the most famous in history and was broadcast in full on the BBC World Service. It’s therefore believed that the decision to change Socro United‘s name to Mighty Blackpool was made following Matthews’ brilliant performance in the final.They have gone on to become the oldest and most successful football club in Sierra Leone.

Mighty Blackpool is Proudly Sponsored by Rokel Commercial Bank
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